VIP remanufactured print cartridges offer an ideal combination of eco-friendly printing solution and cost savings.

When a cartridge is remanufactured, it is reused. Reuse is the highest form of environmental responsibility. It is superior to recycling in that it does not use non-renewable resources to breakdown plastic and metal.

See the environmental benefits of VIP remanufactured cartridges

Remanufactured cartridges vs new printer cartridges


Less Material Consumed


Less Natural Resources Consumed


Smaller Total Environmental Impact


Small Energy Demand

Every laser printer in your office creates 100lbs of waste per year

Print cartridges make up the bulk of that waste

Shockingly 75% of them go directly to the landfill

It takes a lifetime for one cartridge to decompose

When you need a low cost, high quality sustainable printing solution, choose VIP.

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